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Pets are Wonderful Support (PAWS) services help vulnerable individuals keep and care for their companion animals, who sometimes are clients’ sole (or best) source of love and support. At PAWS, we believe that the human-animal bond fosters the health of our clients, and feeds their spirit as well. Multiple studies have shown the medical, psychological, and social benefits of having a companion animal, especially for people with a disabling mental or physical illness.   

If you sign up to volunteer at a Folsom event and select Major Beneficiary PAWS as your beneficiary, please refer any questions to Volunteer Coordinator Chellee at

Annually, PAWS serves almost 600 clients, all San Francisco residents. All clients have monthly gross in-comes of $1,850 or less; many have incomes of less than $1,000 per month. Because PAWS clients are low-income, an essential aspect of their work is reducing the cost of having a pet, particularly through their Animal Food Bank and free and subsidized veterinary care:

The PAWS Animal Food Bank also distributes more than 60,000 cans of pet food, 30,000 pounds of kibble, and 20,000 pounds of cat litter each year. Each client’s order is specifically tailored to their needs including special diet pet food for sick or chronically ill animals (half our clients have senior pets), collars and leashes, and pet treats. Approximately 50% of clients come to the food bank every month. More than 200 clients are homebound and depend on PAWS volunteers to deliver their orders. 
Folsom Street Events is proud to support PAWS's critical services for the companion animals of low-income people with HIV, seniors, and disabled individuals, and will pay for costs including salaries and program operations.  
You can help earn funds for PAWS this year by volunteering at one of the four events this year:
  • Bay of Pigs dance party on Saturday, July 29 - REGISTER HERE
  • Up Your Alley street fair on Sunday, July 30 - REGISTER HERE
  • Magnitude dance party on Saturday, September 23 - REGISTER HERE
  • Folsom Street Fair on Sunday, September 24 - REGISTER HERE
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