How do I check-in and check-out?

Please proceed directly to the Volunteer Check-In Booth on Dore Alley at HOWARD Street to check in for your volunteer shift when you arrive at the Fair.

  • For all our Folsom veterans, this is a big change from prior years when the booth was located on Dore Alley at Folsom Street.
  • When you first check in for your shift, please arrive at the Volunteer Check-In Booth via Howard Street, NOT Folsom Street which may be packed with people.
  • This way, you will not have to navigate through the crowds on Folsom Street to check in. 
  • The rest of Volunteer HQ will remain on Dore Alley as in prior Folsom Fairs. 
  • Only volunteers will be able to enter the fair at Dore and Howard.
  • This is a recent change, so please ignore your shift confirmation if it lists the wrong location.

Please print your Eventbrite volunteer registration or download it to your smartphone prior to the Fair to make check-in go quickly and smoothly. If you cannot find your registration or forget to bring it, we can still check you in by looking up your name.

Once you've checked in, we will give you a name badge and then dispatch you to your shift Supervisor and location to complete your shift.

Wearing your name badge will give you access to great perks like the Hospitality Tent. You are welcome to pick up your name badge early to access Volunteer HQ and Hospitality before and after your shift. 

Once you've completed your shift (and hopefully had fun!) please check out with your shift Supervisor. This way, we know that you completed your entire shift. You are not required return to Volunteer HQ after your shift to check-out.

You are welcome to keep your name badge as a souvenir!



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