Entertainment (Main Stage, Magnitude Stage, & Deviants Stage)

Eligible for Online Training

Online training includes a general training video and quiz AND reviewing the Entertainment-specific training materials below.

Alternatively, volunteers may attend one in-person training to fulfill the entire training requirement.

Departmental Training Materials

Before Fair Day:

    • Please familiarize yourself with the line-ups on both stages so you can answer questions about who is playing when and on which stage. Check our website for the full line-up. On Fair Day, line-ups are also posted on the front and back of each stage.
    • You may be asked to lift heavy items so if you are not able to do that, please let Volunteering know before fair day.

Upon arrival at your area:

    • Identify yourself immediately to Folsom Street Events staff, the Stage Manager and Stage Hand(s), if applicable.
    • Please do what is asked of you by any/all of the aforementioned individuals.

During your shift:

    • Please welcome and orient all of the artists/bands to the area and facilitate introductions, if needed.
    • You WILL BE asked to help do set up – e.g. barricades in front of stage or behind stage (i.e. backstage).
    • You may need to serve as backstage security. Please make sure that ONLY Folsom-identified volunteers are coming into the area. Theft can occur, and we want to avoid that.
    • You may be asked to run errands for backstage hospitality – drinks (including beer/liquor) or food.
    • Please help keep all backstage areas tidy and neat, become familiar with the location of the closest recycling and compost station.
    • You may staff the bands’ merchandise table and need to help manage the artists’ sales.

Most importantly:

    • Please have fun and enjoy the bands while still completing your duties!

If you have any questions about these training requirements, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator of the beneficiary organization you selected.  

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