Bay of Pigs



Bay of Pigs™ is the Official Saturday Night Dance Event of Up Your Alley® weekend. It’s part dance party, part sexy, sordid affair – and it’s just loads of fun. The Music, The Lights, and The Men are sure to get your motor running. In fact, this party is an essential part of one of the best American fetish weekends.

Saturday, July 29, 2017
San Francisco, CA | Public Works

Every volunteer for Bay of Pigs™ will earn money toward a grant for one of this year's Major Beneficiary organizations. Join in the fun and also help out a valuable local organization who serves our community! 

Volunteer Benefits

Shifts beginning BEFORE Saturday July 29th 11:00pm

  • Complimentary admission to Bay of Pigs will be reserved for those volunteers who register for shifts that begin before 12am.
  • If you are interested in complimentary admission, please register for your volunteer shift first. Once you receive your registration confirmation email, please contact your beneficiary Volunteer Coordinator to express your interest in being granted complimentary admission to the party. 
  • Once you have successfully completed your shift, you will be allowed to enter the party. Please note that if the event happens to reach capacity, volunteers may have to wait to enter the party.

Shifts beginning AT or AFTER Saturday July 29th 11:00pm:

  • Complimentary admission to ROUGH (the Official Closing Party of Up Your Alley Weekend on Sunday) will be reserved for those who register for ROUGH Break Down/Load Out  shifts.
  • If you are interested in complimentary admission to ROUGH, please register for your volunteer shift first. Once you receive your registration confirmation email, please contact your beneficiary Volunteer Coordinator.
  • Added to the Up Your Alley guest list. You may enjoy our complimentary volunteer hospitality at Up Your Alley as our Guest for the day.
  • Due to the nature of the event, and because all volunteers must be completely sober for their shifts, free admission to Bay of Pigs before volunteer shifts is not available. 

Click here for the Bay of Pigs Volunteer Training Materials.

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