Eligible for Online Training

Online training includes a general training video and quiz AND reviewing the Floater-specific training materials below.

Alternatively, volunteers may attend one in-person training to fulfill the entire training requirement.

Departmental Training Materials

Floaters will be assigned to wherever help is needed most the day of the Fair. This shift includes a variety of jobs from monitoring the radios, assisting with checking in volunteers, running supplies/food to other volunteers around the fairgrounds, or filling in for some other volunteer who did not show up for their shift.

Until they are formally assigned, volunteers should remain in front of the Volunteer HQ Check-In Tent until someone calls out “I need a Floater,” then QUICKLY respond to the request.

Floaters must be available during their shift for any emergencies and helping out wherever help is needed. It may be the case that, as a Floater, you are assigned to a specific department (e.g., Security, Green Team, Gates & Signage) to help fill in the gaps and make up for a missing person. It is critical that you are flexible in your role as a Floater -- you never know where you'll end up, and that's why this shift is so important!

During down any down time, please greet and thank volunteers as they approach Volunteer HQ to check in for their shift. "Welcome," "Hi everyone," "Thank you for volunteering!" are all great things to say. Just remember to avoid gendered language like Ladies and Gentleman, Sir, and Ma'am, unless you personally know the volunteer and the terms they prefer.

If you have any questions about this training requirement, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator of the beneficiary organization you selected.  


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