Supply Truck

Eligible for Online Training

Online training includes a general training video and quiz AND reviewing the Supply Truck-specific training materials below.

Alternatively, volunteers may attend one in-person training to fulfill the entire training requirement.

Departmental Training Materials

Volunteers will be helping manage, distribute, and retrieve fair day supplies. This work includes loading and unloading the truck throughout the course of the day. Unloading the truck in the morning means setting up stacks, piles, or areas of boxes or totes for various departments such as Gates & Signage, Treasury, Medical, and Hospitality. Examples of distribution and delivery include tables, chairs, and/or pop-up tents to sponsor or exhibitor booths, areas of the fair run by Folsom Street Events (e.g., medical, Magnitude booth, DJ area backstage), etc. Packing up the truck at the end of the day means that you have familiarized yourself with what materials are on the fairgrounds, where exactly they are, and figuring out how to get them back into the truck. Very often, loading the truck back up means having to retrieve items from the fairgrounds.

This shift may include standing in the sun for the duration of the shift, moving throughout the fairgrounds, or lifting up to 50 lbs. You may be asked to run errands, help manage inventory of the supply truck, and work with our Operations Associate to effectively charge and deliver tables and chairs as well as other supplies. Materials management includes tables, chairs, pop-up tents and walls, various types of tape, scissors, box cutters, zip ties, tools (e.g., hammer, bolt cutters, nails, screwdriver, screws), etc.

The Supply Truck interfaces with nearly every other department of the fair so quick familiarization with each box or tote that comes out of the truck is essential. To the extent that you are able to help identify the boxes or totes in question and where they need to go is critical. Please always verify with a department head that they have the correct boxes or totes assigned to his/her/their department.

If you have any questions about this training requirement, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator of the beneficiary organization you selected.  

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