Coat Check

Eligible for Online Training

Online training includes a general training video and quiz AND reviewing the Hospitality-specific training materials below.

Alternatively, volunteers may attend one in-person training to fulfill the entire training requirement.

Departmental Training Materials

Coat check volunteers are protecting everyone else’s belongings; it is critical that every item is tagged securely, and that every volunteer who checks their belongings receives a tag for their items.

No one is permitted to pick up their belongings without their tag: suggest that people put their coat check tag in a secure place to keep it from getting lost and/or take a picture of the tag on their phone.

The coat check stays open until the very last volunteer shift is complete. The Coat Check cannot be left unattended for any reason, and no tips are accepted. 

At the end of the night, any unclaimed items will be transferred to Security as "Lost and Found" - ultimately, these items will be held at the FSE offices. Those items will not be ready for retrieval until the Wednesday immediately following the fair.

PLEASE NOTE: There is a Coat and Clothes check on the fairgrounds for the attendees staffed by a non-Beneficiary organization such as the Leathermen's Discussion Group. You are NOT staffing that booth; you are being asked to staff the Coat and Clothes Check in our Volunteer Headquarters. If you are a morning volunteer, members of the non-Beneficiary organization may be stopping by to split up the coat racks, hangers, coat check tickets and other supplies. If you are a late afternoon/early evening volunteer, you will likely interface with the non-Beneficiary organization to make sure that all supplies are collected to be delivered back to Abbey Party Rents.

If you have any questions about this training requirement, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator of the beneficiary organization you selected.  

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