In-Person Training REQUIRED

In order to be fully trained on the volunteer check-in process, all new and returning volunteers from previous years are required to attend an in-person training.

In addition, volunteers are required to report to their in-person training one hour early before the general start time to learn and practice the volunteer check-in process. Please bring a charged smartphone and download the app Eventbrite Organizer.

If you have any questions about this training requirement, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator of the beneficiary organization you selected. 

Departmental Training Materials

You will be checking in all fair volunteers, press/media, and guests of the fair. Make sure you have had the check-in procedure explained to you by Jennifer, Sam, Felipe, or Alex before you check anyone in.

Please download the Eventbrite Organizer app and bring a charged smartphone or tablet with you to the Fair as backup in case our scanners are down.

Say Hello!

Your biggest priority is to welcome and appreciate all of our volunteers for their time and effort. Please always remain calm, smile, and be polite.

TEAM 1: Volunteer Eventbrite Check-In

To check in volunteers, stand in front of the Volunteer Tent. Arrange yourselves so that all people who approach the Volunteer Tent must interact with you. Use a Eventbrite scanner to scan the bar code on volunteers' registration. 

Why this is important:

  1. This process (and this alone) is how we record that volunteers showed up for their shift. It is critical that we check in all volunteers via Eventbrite and that we check in the right volunteers. Even if you have to take an extra minute to make sure you are checking in every one who shows up and that you are checking in the right volunteer, please take that extra time.

If a volunteer forgets their printed registration or can't pull it up on their smartphone:

  1. On your scanner, select the magnifying glass in the upper right hand corner to search for them by FIRST or LAST NAME.
  2. OR jump to a letter in the alphabet by selecting the first letter of the LAST NAME on the right hand side.
  3. To verify you found the right volunteer, select their name to view additional information such as Shift, Badge Name, and Beneficiary organization
  4. Each year, there end of being multiple "Tom's" from "Castro Country Club" volunteering for "Security." Please double-check the volunteer's name, shift, and Beneficiary before checking them in.
  5. Select the volunteer's name to view more details about them, such as Beneficiary and Badge Name. Verify that you are checking in the right person. 
  6. Swipe RIGHT to Check In
  7. Swipe LEFT if you made a mistake and you need to un-check someone in.
  8. Eventbrite records the time that someone Checks In so please don't swipe willy nilly.
  9. Check to see if the volunteer's name is listed multiple times in a row. If they are completing multiple shifts, you may check them in for all shifts.

Once you have checked in the volunteer, please remind them of their BADGE NAME (which may be very different from their FIRST or LAST NAME) and direct them to the front of the tent.

TEAM 2: Volunteer Name Badge:

Once a volunteer has checked in via Eventbrite, they will come to you to get their name badge and lanyard and be dispatched to their Shift Supervisor and location.

  1. Search for their Name Badge by BADGE NAME.
  2. If they are doing multiple shifts and have multiple badges, give them all badges at once.
  3. If they are a T Runner or T Counter, they will have a yellow ACCESS Badge taped to their regular Blue Badge. Separate the badges and inform the volunteer that they are receiving two badges.
  4. Attach a lanyard.
  5. HOLD the Badge until you have completed the schpiel below. Once you hand over the badge, you risk losing the volunteer's attention.
  6. Refer to the Folsom Department & Shift Supervisor Cheat Sheet and Fair Map to dispatch the volunteer
  7. If the Cheat Sheet says to "radio" their Shift Supervisor, please ask Jennifer, Sam, or Felipe to do that.
  8. If their Shift Supervisor must be radioed or they are a Floater, please ask for Jennifer, Sam, or Felipe and ask the volunteer to wait patiently in front of the volunteer tent so that we can see them.
  9. If the volunteer has arrived more than 15 minutes early, please inform them that they may now enjoy Hospitality and Coat Check before their shift. They must report back to the Volunteer Check-In Booth to be dispatched at least 15 minutes before their official shift start time.
  10. If the volunteer has arrived on time or late, point out Coat Check but ask them to enjoy Hospitality after their shift. They need to be dispatched ASAP.
  11. If they have a bike, they may lock it in Volunteer HQ but not to a barricade or tree trunk.
  12. If a volunteer requests to be paired with another volunteer, they may make that request to their Shift Supervisor.
  13. Remind them to CHECK OUT with their Shift Supervisor. They do not need to return to HQ or the Volunteer Tent.
  14. They can enjoy Hospitality whenever they like as long as they are wearing a name badge. Hospitality opens around 6am and will begin closing down around 6pm.
  15. They can even keep their name badge as a souvenir!
  16. NEW: Remind them to fill up their water bottle at the Water Monster in Hospitality. If they forget their own water bottle or just want a souvenir, they can grab a free Folsom-branded water bottle pouch to use with them throughout their shift and keep as a souvenir.

Notes for all Registration Volunteers

  • Please never say the word "Treasury" aloud. You can refer to these shifts as "T Runner" or "T Counter" and their dispatch location as "your secure location."
  • Beverage Partner organizations (separate from Beverages volunteers) should be advised to refer to their Beverage Manual if they come to the Booth with questions.

If someone isn't in Eventbrite or doesn't have a badge:

They are probably a special guest! Jennifer, Sam, Felipe, and Alex will give them the royal treatment they deserve. Please have the person immediately see Felipe, Alex, Sam, or Jennifer if they fall into any of these categories:

  • Folsom Board or Associate
  • Folsom Staff
  • T Counter / T Runner
  • Floater
  • Press/Media
  • Guest
  • Sponsor
  • Anyone from Positive Resource Center
  • Anyone from Delancey Street
  • Paid Fair Worker
  • Anyone with Jennifer McPike
  • Parties volunteer
  • Beverage Partner
  • Their check-in will be handled by a Super Volunteer or Board Member on the side of the tent.

If they claim to be a volunteer, do not just give them a badge or check them in simply because they say they are a volunteer. All volunteers checking in should be able to at least tell you:

  • Which Beneficiary organization they are working for
  • Which volunteer shift/assignment they are working 
  • Their Badge Name

If after getting this information, their name cannot be found, please direct them to the Board Member or Super Volunteer for assistance. You yourself should never turn away a volunteer.

Jennifer or Sam will politely inform unregistered walk-up volunteers that all shifts must be registered for in advance of the Fair but they can register to volunteer at the next Fair. Sometimes people unaffiliated with a Beneficiary try to sign up for paid work. Even if you know the rules, it is important that only Jennifer or Sam have this conversation with the volunteer.

Name Badges

Volunteer badges are organized alphabetically by first name, and by special categorizations. All groupings are listed below:

Volunteers by Name  (alphabetical by BADGE NAME) - to be given out by Team Volunteer Name Badge

Badges for Pickup - to be managed by Jennifer, Sam, or Felipe:

    • Board of Directors, Associates, Staff
    • Beverage Partner Passes (not Volunteers)
    • Entertainment Guest Passes (not Volunteers)
    • Medical Badges
    • Coat and Clothes Check (with a Beneficiary Partner)

Special Badges - to be managed by Jennifer, Sam, or Felipe:

    • Sponsors
    • Special Guests (VIP)
    • Media

Volunteer Registration Tent Set Up

When setting up the Volunteer Registration Tent, pay attention to which areas of the tent are accessible by all volunteers, and which are accessible only to those who are working in the tent. Also consider where volunteers will be asked to check-in and where they can drop off any materials they wish to after their shift; make sure that the appropriate materials are being placed in the areas that make sense.

Volunteer Registration Tent Materials

These are the items that should be unpacked and placed out in the tent for use throughout the day:

  1. Black binder - contains the FULL volunteer and additional badge access lists, sponsor, guest, media/press, and paid fair worker lists
  2. Volunteer lists are organized by First Name, Beneficiary, and Shift
  3. Sharpies, papers, etc.
  4. Lanyards (approximately a ton)
  5. Black boxes for name badges
  6. Fair Maps
  7. Folsom Department & Shift Supervisor Cheat Sheet
  8. Signs for A-L and M-Z


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