Eligible for Online Training

Online training includes a general training video and quiz AND reviewing the Beverages-specific training materials below.

If you have any questions about these training requirements, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator of the beneficiary organization you selected.

Departmental Training Materials

PLEASE NOTE: Volunteering with the Beverage Department requires the ability to carry HEAVY items and climb ladders. Please bring a back brace if you wish to use one.

  • Check in at Volunteer HQ; then report to Beverages Department Supervisor
  • Make sure to sign in (name and time of arrival) when you first meet with the Beverage Department Supervisor
  • Make sure to sign out (name and time of departure) with the Beverage Department Supervisor at the end of your time with Beverages
  • Please do what is asked of you by Department Supervisor and/or the Super Volunteers for Beverages
  • You will be asked to set up and breakdown beverage booths, for example:
    • Move barricades
    • Load and unload trucks (eg. all equipment, boxes of beverages)
    • Carry 12 ft long posts, 8 ft long tables, chairs
    • Climb ladders
    • Hang and remove signs and banners
  • You will be asked to handle recycling and trash, for example:
    • Flatten boxes and cardboard
    • Organize & dispose of trash/recycling
  • You will be asked to move inventory from one location to another, for example:
    • Carry 40 lbs of ice
    • Carry 30 lb boxes of beverages
  • You will be asked to assist with a beverage partners’ final inventory & clean up at the end of day
  • Have fun and enjoy the fair…but not at the expense of your duties.


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