Cancelling or switching a shift

While we hope that you'll do everything you can to fulfill your volunteer shift as promised, we do understand that sometimes things come up. If you realize that you will not be able to volunteer, please cancel your shift in Eventbrite. This frees up your shift so that someone else may sign up to fill it.

You can cancel your shift by completing the "Cancel Order" process through Eventbrite. Click here for Eventbrite's easy directions on cancelling orders.

To switch your current shift to a new one, please cancel the original order first and then return to Eventbrite and sign up for the new shift. 

To prevent confusion, please register for only one shift per order. If you register for multiple shifts in one order, cancelling your order will cancel all of your shifts. To prevent that from happening, please register for only one shift in one order. Then, place a second order if you wish to register for another shift.

Send an Email

If you do not have access to Eventbrite, please email the Volunteer Coordinator of your beneficiary organization. They can cancel your shift manually.

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