How can I access water at the Fair?

Please bring a non-disposable lightweight water bottle with you, such as a Nalgene, Sigg, or Camelbak, preferably with a carabiner or clip, that you can refill from a Water Tower Station throughout your shift. We are trying to reduce waste from disposable plastic water bottles. You will be able to fill up your water bottle at the Water Monster in Volunteer HQ before your shift.

We will also have Folsom-branded water bottle pouches available for you to use or keep! If you forget your own water bottle or want one as a souvenir, pick one up at Volunteer HQ.

Due to a new San Francisco ordinance No. 009-17 - Bottled Water and Package Free Ordinance, single-serve water bottles cannot be sold or provided on public property at a permitted event. This ordinance helps reduce waste and encourages the use of refilling stations. To make water available to fairgoers, FSE has located Water Towers throughout the fairground. Fairgoers can puchase a foldable Folsom bottle, reuse a juice bottle, or refill their own canteen before relying on a cup. Even though the water cups are compostable, they still add to the amount of waste generated. Help us be greener than we already are! 


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